Erika Holmes Design was created when the company I had worked for closed it's doors after nearly five years.  It was a difficult time in the design industry and I found that I could provide for my family by meeting the needs of small businesses and boutiques who could not afford to hire large design firms or full-time staff members, and so EHD was born.  Please take a look around and get to know me and my clients through their branding.

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I know that the best way to ensure the client's message comes through is to listen, learn and apply thoughtful ideas to their mission. I love learning about new people, new businesses, industries and the overall ‘why’ you do what you do. I love what I do and want to share my gifts to better my community.

To begin our relationship we start with a thorough process, I will begin to build your brand and marketing plan - whether it's through copy or creative. I want to help you craft your message to the world.  

When businesses like yours leverage the strength of their brand to generate powerful and memorable content, they create the opportunity to build strong and lasting bonds with their current and future customers, clients and fans. And that is exactly what I want for you!

I offer services in Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Brand Management, Visual Styling and Photography.

Contact me today to get started!